Commercial, Industrial & Retail

If it’s time to build a new ground-up facility or modify or update an existing one, Coombs Engineering is the right choice to provide you with the knowledge, expertise and economical design to solve your challenges and meet your budgetary needs. We can assess your foundation and structural framework in a safe, efficient manner. Coombs Engineering arrives on-site quickly and provides a thorough forensic analysis and professional engineering assessment with expedience.


Allen Retail – Watters Village


Often your needs change, you outgrow your space, or you must adapt to comply with new building codes or new technologies. We are committed to creating structural designs that enhance commercial, industrial and retail spaces, as well as hospitals, schools, and most other building applications. Coombs Engineering assists clients in navigating updates, increasing capacity, or modifying and expanding current facilities to meet any needs.




We have extensive experience working with architects and contractors in the design of:

• Retail Centers
• Office Buildings
• Shopping Centers
• Libraries
• Hotels
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Churches
• Multi-Family
• Schools
• Warehouse Dwellings


Pinnacle Montessori School


Coombs Engineering will help you:

• Repair damaged columns or beams
• Repair a foundation
• Design an addition
• Assess the condition and compliance of your space, including foundation, structure, walls, floors, and roofs
• Add mezzanines, storage spaces, rail cranes, floor design, support for mechanical units or other heavy loads
• Facilitate Inspections


Allen Veterinary Hospital


Save money and protect your greatest investment with Coombs Engineering!