Customer Testimonials

“For our high quality custom projects, we always use an engineer.  It is important that things are built beyond minimum standards and designed in a way that will provide a long life for our homes.  Safety and stability with real world practicality is what we look for and have found in Coombs Engineering.  From consultations during the design phase to the delivery of detailed engineering specs and site inspections, we have a partner we trust.  I highly recommend the timely and professional services of Coombs Engineering.”

Alexander Dahlgren, The Ancon Group

Award-winning designers and general contractors that build and remodel luxury homes and estates.


“I have enjoyed working with Jerry for years; he is a true professional. He is loyal, fair, attentive, and thorough. One of the reasons I continue to come back to Jerry is that he is diligent about meeting deadlines and has an excellent work ethic. Many structural engineers can be difficult to work with, but Jerry is the exception. Architects need someone who can take a design, spot any flaws, and find ways to adapt it to meet the client’s needs and expectations. Jerry has the ability to understand the challenge and figure out a solution. He is always a pleasure to work with.

Charles Reibenstein, Owner

Reibenstein Associates Architecture, LLC


“We have worked with Jerry and Coombs Engineering since 2009 and continue to do so. Many of the numerous projects we partnered on over the years were heavily civil, including overhang systems, foundation design, and false-work design. Jerry is our ‘go-to’ guy, as he is an extremely safe, detailed, and cost-efficient designer for contractors. Coombs Engineering has the ability to tackle big challenges and determine optimal solutions. Jerry’s work is exceptional and far exceeds my experience with any other structural engineer.”

Amjad Jaber, Indus Construction, LP

Global company specializing in civil construction services, transportation, industrial, building and structures.


“We have enjoyed our relationship with Coombs Engineering for several years. They have always been thorough and timely, and communicate regularly throughout their work. Jerry Coombs adds a personal touch to this fine reputation, and we gladly recommend them.”

Bryce Greene, President

Ministry Consultants

Provides consulting and construction management services for churches and non-profit organizations.


“I’ve worked with Coombs Engineering on a couple of projects. Jerry has gone well above and beyond what I expected from an engineer. He has always been responsive to my questions, made multiple job-site inspections, and even picked up a shovel to help with a concrete pour. He put in the extra effort to make sure my projects were successful. I would gladly recommend Jerry to family or friends in need of engineering services.”

Thomas Janecek, Engineering Consultant and Business Development Professional

Homeowner, Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) custom home.


“Jerry has assisted me with professional engineering in several projects involving foundation issues in many of our company facilities. His reports are always well-explained and his recommendations seem to always fix the problems.”

Paul Marshall, Construction Manager

Advanced Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Manages skilled nursing care and rehabilitation service centers in Texas.


“I have worked with several structural engineers, and by far Jerry Coombs is the best.  He is timely, cost-effective, and easy to work with.  Most structural engineers are concerned about their own liability when it comes to their recommendations.  This causes contractors to overbuild, resulting in overspending.  Jerry Coombs works with the contractors to find cost- effective solutions that satisfy the application. Jerry Coombs has a pleasant personality and is a delight to work with.  He exclusively handles all of my structural engineering needs.”

Jarrett Ouellette, President

William & Wesley Co., Inc.

Ouellette & Co., Inc.

International Planning Systems, Inc.

Family owned and operated collective of decorators, designers and developers working to customize the properties of their customers.


“I’ve worked with Jerry since the beginning of my personal endeavors as a young architect and he’s not only been a great teammate on projects but a great, patient, educator, in this complex industry of ours.  We’ve worked in a wide range of projects; from a small residential custom detail to 9,000 sf steel structures.  He’s come through as a professional, on time, and in budget.  I’ll continue working with Coombs Engineering on any given architectural challenge.”

Jesse Rodriguez, Principal Architect, AIA

JRAF Studio

Residential and Commercial Design. Single Family, Multi-Family, Interior Finish-Outs, Commercial Retail, Restaurant, Theater. Design and Architecture.


“Jerry is excellent. I highly recommend him for his services as a structural engineer. He helped us comply with a requirement by the city of Dallas regarding the soundness of the roof of an apartment complex.”

Viviana Amzel

Lucern Assets LLC