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Homeowners want to know for certain the condition of their biggest investment. A home inspection will give you a lot of information about typical maintenance items.  But if you want to know the condition of your structure and foundation, you need a structural engineer.

But what does a structural engineer do?
Structural engineering relates to that portion of the house that you can't see.

The Framing...

                       and Foundation.

what is a structural engineer
Wood Framing
Post Tensioned slab
Slab Foundation
That main part of the house that holds 

           the brick, 


                     the drywall, 

cracks in drywall

                                the marble tile

                                              the cabinets, 

                                      and so on...   

A Structural Engineer will investigate the foundation and main structure.  We examine your home with close attention to all evident items of concern. 
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If there are unsightly cracks in walls or cracks in bricks, you probably want to know the extent of the concern. Having documentation stating the structural condition of the house and foundation, will help you know:  
Is the foundation moving?
Are there foundation problems
Are the rafters sagging?
Why is the floor no longer level?
What is causing the cracks and blemishes?


 A standard home inspection won't be able to answer these questions. Only a thorough Structural Investigation and engineering report by a Licensed Professional Engineer will give you the information you need.

 Coombs Engineering Services, Structural Engineer, will examine the foundation and main structure.  We examine each building individually, with close attention to all evident items of concern.  We will provide you with an accurate, unbiased engineering report to meet your needs.
 Upon request, we will review any foundation repair estimates for the extent of their recommended repair, and provide feedback when appropriate..

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