Structural Engineering Consultants


A new building  -   structural repairs -  retaining walls
due diligence assessments - Forensic and Legal Reports
home inspection - foundation survey

At Coombs Engineering , we specialize in all structural systems.  We understand how buildings are constructed and how they are detailed.  We know how to create a design that will perform to your needs, and we can tell you how and why some have failed to perform.

A Structural Engineering company with expertise in residential design.  With over 30 years of experience in structural design we have designed most every type of residential structure and foundation.  

We provide services for residential construction. We are foremost for house foundation design and home construction. 
We pride ourselves in providing special attention for architects and homeowners who want more than an average home.  Whatever you can imagine, we will support it.
Forensic Services
We are experienced, knowledgeable, Structural Engineers. We will meet your needs for:

Forensic Analysis, Expert WitnessTestimony
Reports for, Hurricane Damage and Other Natural Disasters

Construction Accident Reconstruction
Insurance Claims     Structural Reports

We will prepare unbiased written reports to meet your needs, prepared by a professional engineer with care with expedience in mind.

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