Structural Engineering Consultants



Not everyone can or wants to build a new Commercial or Industrial Facility.  So when your current needs change or outgrow  your building due to changing technology or increased capacity, we can help you modify or expand your current facility to meet those needs.  

We are the choice structural designers when it comes to updating your facility.  We can assess the foundation and structural framework to make the most of what you already have.

We will provide structrual designs to efficiently add a mezzanine, storage space, or a rail crane.  We  will update a roof or floor design to support your mechanical units or other loads. 

We will help you repair a damaged column or beam, repair a foundation, design and addition, or assess the condition of your concrete floor.  Whatever you need to bring your facility up-to-date, or assist you in answering questions about your structure, we can provide you with the information and economical design you need.

We will design

                         Modifications and Additions

To your existing Industrial, Commercial, or Retail Facility.

Retaing Wall
Tiered Retaining Walls
Concrete framing
Office Buildings
We also design new, gound-up facilities; Foundation to Flagpole.

With all of the changes occurring in building codes and design codes, it is essential to select an Engineer with up-to-date knowledge in methods of design.  We strive to provide the most economical, safe, and efficient design that will fit your needs and budget.
We have extensive experience in working with Architects and Contractors in the design of:

Churches           Shopping Centers        Retail Centers    Manufacturing Facilities

Warehouses                Libraries                    Hotels                Multi-Family Dwellings