Structural Engineering Consultants


We are experienced, knowledgeable, Structural Engineers. 
We will meet your needs for:

Forensic Analysis
Expert WitnessTestimony
Reports for
      Hurricane Damage and 
      Other Natural Disasters
Construction Accident Reconstruction
Insurance Claims
Structural Reports
We will prepare unbiased written reports to meet your needs, prepared by a professional engineer with care with expedience in mind.

Failures may occur for many reasons.  The cause or causes may be natural disasters such as hurricane damage, inadequate design, poor materials, construction errors, insufficient maintenance, or any number of hidden reasons. 
Often, it is a combination of causes for any specific failure, and one local failure may lead to others.  We will examine the structure from top to bottom and assess the cause(s) of damage.
It is essential that the reason for failure be determined before a proper report can be prepared or a lasting repair can be made.  We provide a clear, concise Professional Engineering report and repair plan to meet the needs of our clients.
We will provide:
  • Independent Structural Engineering Report
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Insurance Claims Report
  • Expert Testimony
  • Failure Investigations
  • Forensic Expert Witness

Experience in Design.

Experience in Investigation.

Experience in Reports.
natural disasters
Insurance Claims
Failure investigation
Structural Failures
Our Assessments and Reports

Over 30 years of experience in structural engineering.  We have provided design and analysis of countless structures.   Expert knowledge and experience in design of foundations, structural steel, reinforced concrete, and wood and timber design.  Our experience in design makes our forensic engineering analysis and failure observation reports accurate and credible. 

Our Engineering experience in working with soil properties is extensive. Thus we find the reasons, both from design and construction, for foundation failures and related structural damage


Our methods of forensic engineering are thorough and professional.  We will arrive on-site quickly and provide a thorough forensic analysis, and final professional engineering  assessment with expedience.  Our structural report with a damage assessment will be tailored to your needs. 
Whether natural disasters, accident, construction loss, or unknown failure, we will determine as accurately as possible, the root cause.  Our broad experience as Structural Engineers in analysis and design provides a thorough background as expert Forensic Engineer.

We have provided Professional Engineering Reports and opinions to attorneys, home owners, business owners, and insurance companies.  Our reports have been used as expert testimony, for legal defense, and determination of root causes for failures.