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Foundation Design and Assessment
(Retaining Walls, too!)

It's necessary to have a good foundation under a structure for it to stand the test of time.  We are specialists in the design, assessment, or inspection of foundations. Pier and beam, post tensioned slab, drilled piers; we have a thorough knowledge of foundations and how they perform with the soil around them.  When you need the best design, or a thorough assessment of an existing or new foundation, we will provide you with accurate information when you need it.  Our extensive experience with soil conditions allows us to offer you the best in foundation design, failure analysis, foundation inspections, and reports.

Foundation problems can begin with expansive clay.  Moisture changes in the soil will result in in heave and subsidence of the supporting ground as the clay wets and dries.  Such soil movement can wreak havoc on foundations. 

Proper design and construction of the foundation system can greatly reduce or eliminate damage to the structure from movement when constructed properly. Coombs Engineering Services can design your foundation for your specific application using all of the current building codes.  If desired we can observe the on-site construction to help ensure proper construction methods and practices. 

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Residential Foundations

Post Tension Slab - Slab on Grade - Drilled Piers - Pier and Beam
Third Party Assessment - Foundation Reports

Commercial Building

Auger Cast Piles - Drilled Piers
Post Tensioned Slab 
Slab on Grade - Belled Piers 
Mat Foundations - Driven Piles

drilled pier foundations
Drilled Piers
structural design of augered cast piles
Auger Cast Pile
Cast in place concrete pier foundation
Drilled Piers
There are various degrees of detail in structural reports for foundation inspections that you may select, depending on your needs.  You may print our 

description of what these levels of inspection entail.

If you have a home that already exhibits signs of cracks in walls, foundation movement, or slab failure, we can help you assess possible causes and prepare a repair plan. We will have a Professional Engineer at your home, when you need us.

We can review a proposal for foundation repair made by a foundation repair company for a quick, third-party assessment of your foundation repair needs. We will inspect a footing with care and expertise.

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