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Licensed Structural Engineer meeting your immediate needs with calculations, details, and structural engineering design for approval by building code officials or professional engineer of record. Our knowledge of concrete construction, falsework, formwork systems, foundation design, and most construction methods will provide solutions quickly for reduced down time and smooth flow of the project.





Steel Bridge Beam Repair
Steel Beam Testing
Shoring design for floors, beams, and earth retainage. Design includes calculations, plans, and drawings, provided to your site with very short lead times. Shoring designs are to your specification using your preferred materials where possible.

We also provide concrete repair, concrete restoration, and concrete retaing wall designs.

Concrete Bridge Beam Inspection
Precast Bridge Beam Repair
Concrete forms
Shoring and Supports
On-Site Repair

Sometimes, project or design requirements may limit locations or placement of ties or concrete form sizes.  We can provide you with a design and calculations so that you are confident that the formwork systems will safely contain the concrete as you place it in the forms.  We also provide on-site concrete observation, reports, and documentation  for record purposes.

Steel Bridge Beam Inspection
Overhang Design

With the fast-paced, "do-it-now schedules" in the construction industry today, sometimes errors are made by even the most conscientious builders.  We can offer different design options to help get back on track, and protect your bottom line.
All backed with a structural engineering seal.

Rebar Replacement 
Epoxy Rebar Repair                    
Concrete Repair 

Field Repair

Steel Bridge Beam Repair
Precast Bridge Beam Repair

We are the premier Structural Engineering firm providing general contractor services for the design or repair of precast concrete, masonry design, reinforced concrete design, structural repair, slab on grade, and drilled piers.  We will be at your construction site promptly when our services are needed. Located just outside of Dallas, we have convenient access to most construction sites within the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

When you need structural engineering, a field modification, or construction inspection services, we will deliver promptly and professionally.  All work will be overseen by a licensed professional engineer and w
e will ensure that the designs get submitted correctly to the building inspector and the engineer of record. 
We also provide:

Reinforced Concrete Design  --  Structural Steel Design  --  Masonry Design  --  Tilt up construction

Foundation Repair  --  Foundation Design  --  Concrete forms  --  Building Code Review

Wood Design  --  Concrete Repair  --  Steel Welding and Repair  --  Field modifications

Commercial              Municipal             Industrial             Residential             Retail

We are ready with the expertise to offer solutions to many of your day-to-day challenges before or during construction.  

 We understand that time is of the essence with issues that have the potential to delay your project.  We respond quickly when you need licensed engineering services.

We provide structural engineering calculations, details, reports, repair design and layout, and construction drawings.  We provide services when the Construction Documents state that The general contractor is required to provide the design of... a professional engineer (or structural engineer) licensed in this state 

Your documents will be presented ready for approval in a neat, accurate, professional manner, and they will be performed, very importantly, with expedience in the forefront. 

If there is a specific question, concern, or issue you would like an answer to, call us or send us an email. 
Ask a detailed question or ask about general services.   Please provide your phone number if you would like us to contact you.

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