Inspections and Due Dilligence .

Inspections  and  Due Diligence



When you  are ready to make the big step to purchase that desired building for an investment, for use, or as a residence, the last thing you need is to worry about whether your purchase has any hidden faults that may surface later and require very expensive repairs.
Our thorough examinations and reports can help set your mind at ease.  We will review your building to whatever depth of investigation and provide you with an unbiased professional engineering report of our findings.
Whether you're wanting a foundation report, an envelope condition assessment, or a roof inspection, we can provide you with the professional services you need.


 "First impressions" may distort the actual condition of the property. We will work for you to provide the information you need to protect your real estate investment. 
  We provide a wide variety of inspection services for:
  • Purchase of Property
    • Due Diligence Reports
    • Residential Inspection
  • Structural Repairs
  • Foundation Repairs
 Some of the many concerns we will address are:
  • Damage from wind and water
  • Foundation damage
  • Insurance claims
  • Current or past Catastrophic failures
  • Cracks in floor or wall finishes
  • Any other visible aesthetic concerns

New Construction

Whether you are building a 500,000 square foot retail facility or a 1200 square foot dream home, you want to make sure that the construction is at a level of quality that you expect.  Your contractor wishes to make the best profit he can.  Your local building inspector may not be providing the inspection that you think he is.

                       Who  is looking out for your interests?

We can:

    Review construction documents prior to construction.

    Observe construction through all phases.

    Provide written and photographic documentation of construction methods and materials.

Our examination will take you from initial groundbreaking and soil preparation, through final finish-out.  You will rest comfortably knowing your new building is all you dreamed it would be.