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Insulating Concrete Forms.
Your key to quality.

A Beautiful ICF Home
If youíre considering building a new custom home, donít forget ICFs.
Insulating Concrete (or Insulated) Forms

Energy efficient.   Quiet.   Secure.   Comfortable.

With the right design team, you can do anything with ICFs that you can with wood...and more.
 These solid concrete walls will filter out noise, have much less energy loss, and provide security in times of tornados and hurricanes. 

We at Coombs Engineering are specialists in ICF design.  With over 15 years in ICFs, and known nationally for our contributions, ee know the important details of what it takes to make your building come together.
Your architect and home builder will give you the design and construction you want.  

But to build it right, youíll need a structural engineer. 

An Insulating Concrete Form home
has special structural design requirements. 
It needs a better foundation to support the concrete loads.
Open spaces, wide arches and big windows need special attention.
A professional engineer will plan the details, design the foundation, floors, and roof,
and observe critical points of the construction to ensure they meet building code requirements

Tornados cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes each year. But with Insulating Concrete Forms, the right architect, contractor and structural engineer, you can have a tornado resistant home that will weather the storms. The safety of your family will be increased and the damage to the home will be comparatively minimal.


Hurricanes can be one of the most frightful forces of nature.  And your Insulating Concrete Form home with hurricane resistant features, may be the safest place for miles around when you're caught unaware.

Insulating concrete forms
ICF Wall
The outside world can be full of chaos and noise, but you will have your peace and quiet, day and night.

Your Architect guides the beauty.

                                     Your contractor guides the construction

                                                               Your Structural Engineer guides the durability.

The TEAM will create your DREAM.

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Insulated concrete